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P&R Bakery

Our bakery has been around in one form or another since 2010; first out of Luc’s shed, baking for markets and popups, then as the fully fledged bakery Tilburg Sourdough, and since 2017 as Pig & Rye. We are still proud to make naturally leavened, slow fermented bread, pastries, croissants and worstenbroodjes, as well as all of the specialist breads, buns and bagels used by the kitchen for the breakfast and lunch menu.



Faced with spiralling prices and potential grain shortages from eastern Europe, we started looking for a flour supplier who mills grains grown closer to home. We already sourced our rye flour from the Kerkhovense Molen in Oisterwijk, but high quality wheat which can stand up to our long fermentation methods was harder to come by.

Then we were introduced to Wildfarmed. Wildfarmed grows organic and biodynamic grain in the UK and France and stone mills it to different specifications.

The Wildfarmed method lets nature get on with what it does best - creating a natural environment for plants and animals to thrive. Most importantly the flour tastes amazing! Grain is sown alongside a diverse variety of grasses, legumes and herbs, all actively adding nutrients back into the soil.

Wildfarmed trusts cows not chemicals to fertilise the soil. And because nature knows how to look after itself long term, the rich teeming soil created with this method captures tons of CO2 along the way (a 380% reduction in emissions per kilo of flour vs traditional flour) and creating a better future for everyone.

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