This is always the first question we ask. How far up the line of production can we go? Can we make our own mustard? Can we make kombucha? And bacon; If we can make bacon, can we butcher a pig?

In our lunchroom we serve sandwiches made with homemade bread, generously filled with homemade charcuterie, condiments, cheeses and pickled or fermented vegetables. During lobster season there is lobster. During truffle season there is truffle. There’s almost always foie gras.



Luc Martin, self-taught baker, chef and co-owner of Pig & Rye, has a particular focus on complicated French technique, trashy American fast food and making every single menu item from scratch. This is the basis of Pig & Rye’s unique style.



Our bakery has been around in one form or another since 2010; first out of Luc’s shed, baking for markets and popups, then as the fully fledged bakery Tilburg Sourdough, and since 2017 as Pig & Rye. We are still proud to make naturally leavened, slow fermented bread, pastries, croissants and worstenbroodjes, as well as all of the specialist breads, buns and bagels used by the kitchen for the breakfast and lunch menu.

The Pig & Rye lunchroom grew out of the old bakery as a kind of popup takeaway. In 2017 we started selling a limited number of trashy sandwiches during the week from 12:00 each day until sell-out. These days we do breakfast and lunch in a more refined but still trashy way. And yes sometimes we still sell out.



Like everyone else Pig & Rye became a take-away restaurant during Corona lockdowns. Two punishing years of shutdowns and reopenings, online order systems and reservation systems, corona testing and quarantine, we were broken to the point that we would never be the same again.

When we reopened in summer 2021 we dropped to a five day week with a more compact fixed lunch menu. Thursday & Friday are still noodle days, and on Saturday & Sunday ​we have an ever changing and expanding menu of small plates intended for sharing. Still no one is quite sure why, it’s just how it is now (we don’t make the rules after all).

And now in 2022 well, who knows?




Opening Times
Bakery:     Wed - Sun 09:00 - 16:00
Kitchen: Wed - Fri 10:30 - 15:00
                 Sat - Sun 09:00 - 15:00

Nieuwlandstraat 28
5038sn Tilburg

Reservations call 013 822 84 91